The Download Center (DC) as well as the Units Center (UC) constitute a digital ecosystem where a format of downloadable works is developed for one (DC) and where digital works are exposed for the other ( UC).
The DC accompanies these works / digital files towards a relocation and a multiplication of their points of production and exhibition.
The physical materialization of the forms is made possible thanks to the digital production network (numerically controlled machines: 2D / 3D printer, laser cutter, etc.) or the demonstration (screen) and communication (Internet) network.
The UC offers a networked exhibition format using these Units: geolocated exposure units in real time. A mapping of this geolocation makes this exhibition network visible.
The developed work format has a different type of aura than an original work and creates its own aesthetic qualities, notably thanks to its multiplication, de-materialization, ubiquity and networking properties.

The Download Center and the Units Center were created by Jean-Philippe Basello thanks to the support of the Lagardère Foundation.

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